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What Makes Prairie Wear Bras Different?

We know you want a comfortable bra, especially when you’re recovering from breast surgery or managing lymphedema. You need a bra that hugs your body and makes you feel supported. The problem is, most "support" bras are restrictive, compress your breasts into an unnatural shape (yikes, underwire!), and have seams that rub. That's painful. We believe the right bra provides support and relief.

We understand that, especially after surgery, you’re experiencing a lot of discomfort and need to focus your energy on healing. That’s why we consulted with patients and physicians to design bras that are comfortable, durable, and have a forgiving fit to make finding the right size quick and easy.

Now, you can stop dealing with daily discomfort and, instead, experience the relief and support that comes with wearing  something that's expertly designed to work with your unique body. Check out our Hugger compression bras (with versatile breast/body pockets) today!

A compression bra so comfortable you'll want to wear it 24/7, so clever that you can :)