Have you noticed that our shipping & packaging is quite low key? In fact “minimal” is how we describe it, and some may think it downright boring and weird in this time of brand importance and overt promotion!

You’ll be glad to hear there is some method to our madness!

The primary design impetus for our HuggerPRIMA (and the HuggerEXTENDER that works with it) was, as you may know, as a support garment for use after breast surgery. It was developed with the input of a whole list of different experts, not the least of which were two renowned surgeons and their support teams who now use our Huggers to help their patients recover faster and better. What you may not know is that these surgeons (and others!) actually put the Huggers onto their patients right after the surgery is done WHILE the patient is still on the operating table in the Operating Room (OR) and BEFORE the patient even wakes up! Isn’t that awesome?

What this means, though, is that we needed to minimise the packaging and labelling that had to be removed to help the surgical staff streamline the process, minimise packaging waste and time as well as support them in germ and infection control processes. Our antibacterial yarn and no Velcro design both help on this front, and our packaging also consists of just one small, recyclable package that is clear so that no mistakes can be made, and so that it can be taken off and cleared out easily and quickly.

The logo label is also similarly designed to come off easily and quickly, and not create a huge amount of stuff to throw away or deal with. The Hugger’s adjustable shoulder-straps must be undone in order to lay the garment flat onto the Operating Table in preparation for the surgery, and when the shoulder strap is open our logo label just slides right off and causes no extra steps or time, and doesn’t need scissors or leave potential contaminants or bits behind. Just two discrete, obvious pieces of packaging that the staff can easily keep track of and remove from the OR without any fuss.

It also makes sense, we think, for those customers who buy their own Huggers to take home or have them delivered via our online store – not only is there less packaging to pollute our beautiful world, it’s also easier to manage if you’re in pain after surgery and not up to dealing with boxes and tape and lots of extra bits that get in your way and take energy to manage.

So here’s to transparency (lol, we think we’re funny!), easy use and being kind to our planet and ourselves all in one, simple package!