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    Expertly designed bras that feel like a hug.

    Post-Surgical | Lymphedema | EveryDay

Finding the right bra for you is simple.

What kind of support do you need?

Post-op & mastectomy bras for use in the Operating Room, and for comfort and support post-surgically. Designed with surgeons for use as mastectomy bra, breast reduction bra, breast cancer surgery bra, lumpectomy bra, and more.



Every Day

Here's why so many other bras are uncomfortable: they're made with rubbing seams, digging straps, painful underwire, and restricting bands. With our Huggers you'll never have to worry about your bra digging into your ribs, shoulders or your sides again.

A bra so comfortable you'll want to wear it 24/7, so clever you can :)


We know you want a comfortable bra, especially when you're recovering from breast surgery or managing lymphedema.  This means you need a bra that hugs your body and makes you feel supported. Unfortunately, most "support" bras are restrictive, compress your body into an unnatural shape (think shapeless "uniboob") and have seams that restrict circulation and rub. That's painful. We believe that the right bra provides support and relief.

We understand, especially after surgery or during treatment, that you're experiencing a lot of discomfort and need to focus your energy on healing.  That's why we consulted with patients, surgeons and technical experts to design bras that are comfortable, durable and have a body friendly fit to make finding the right size quick and easy. 

Now, you can stop dealing with daily discomfort and, instead,  experience the relief and support that comes with wearing something that's expertly designed  to work with your unique body :) 

  Here's what our Hugger Wearers are saying @prairiewear :)

Testimonial from a HuggerPRIMA fan, 40's, mastectomy with reconstruction: "I call the Hugger my super-hero vest because I feel fantastic in it & my boobs look great!" Post-op bra testimonial.
Bra testimonial from Bilateral mastectomy with breast recon, 40's: "The quality of this Hugger bra is just unbelievable. I've never had a sports or any other bra that I can put the the wash and tumble dryer and come out perfectly every time." Post-op bra.
Everyday wear testimonial, 30's, DDD cup: "I wore my new [Hugger] bra all weekend and no lie, no exaggeration...it is the most comfy bra to date! This bra was so comfy even for long wear - & more supportive than my usual seamless sporty bra." DD+ bra test
Surgical Tech testimonial, 30's, post mastectomy: "Without the Hugger on I was in more pain, tired & just wanted to lay around all day and now I am up and moving without feeling like I hurt with every movement. I swear this thing is like magic." Post-op.

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