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Just ONE measurement to find your fit

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Find Your Fit

Band size is your band size shown here, i.e. 36 inches / 88cm = M

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Band size


Are you a DD+ or higher?

Hugger type

Your HuggerPRIMA size is:

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Fit Chart

Best Fit Tips :)

In between Sizes?

HuggerPRIMA - Upsize one size i.e. 36 3/4 inches = size L

HuggerVIDA - Downsize one size i.e. 36 3/4 inches = size M

HuggerLUMA - Downsize one size i.e. 36 3/4 inches = size M

Need more flexibility?

For the HuggerPRIMA and HuggerVIDA our patent-pending Extenders are made to easily zip into your Hugger to adjust the size and compression instantly.

For the HuggerLUMA use the back slide adjustment to upsize or downsize your band.

DD cup or higher?

For the HuggerPRIMA we recommend that you upsize one size for comfort and wearability or add an EXTENDER

For the HuggerLUMA we recommend that you upsize one size for more coverage.

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Just one measurement to find your fit!

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Which hugger is right for me?


High to medium compression bra / binder


Medium to low compression everyday bra


High to medium compression sports bra

High impact activity & exercise

Post-surgical, lymphedema & medical recovery

24/7 wear

Padded, adjustable shoulder straps

Adjustable band

Add an EXTENDER for versatility

Better for your body - certified skin safe

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Ready for your Hugger?

Large-Prima, XL-Prima, 2XL-Prima


HuggerVIDA in Prairie Dawn Pink - Medium compression. Everyday, wire-free bra for comfort and support.Made especially for those want lower compression that still shapes & supports for really comfortable wear; women who prefer to sleep in a bra; those transitioning from a higher compression garment post-surgically; women needing a comfortable go-to bra for the demands of daily life. Daily bra. Sleep bra. Comfy bra. Easy bra sizes. Go to bra.








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