A bra so comfortable you'll want to wear it 24/7, so clever you can. Our Huggers are expertly designed bras that feel like a hug. With options on coverage and compression, and an Extender to flex your size, this could be the most comfortable bra ever.

About Us

Prairie Wear is a global leader in versatile sustainable bras powered by science and expertly designed for comfort in medical, at work & everyday use. We call our bras "Huggers" for a good reason :) Helping people feel better & get better!

Bra designed for comfort - to feel good while it supports you

Comfort First

  • Designed to feel good while it supports you: wire-free, no velcro, no seams, adjustable, padded straps, front locking zip.
  • 360° zoned compression
  • 1 measurement to find your size
  • Patent-pending zip-in Extenders


  • Fully remote, paperless company
  • Carbon offset program
  • One reusable bag with 1 tag per product for less waste
  • Shipped in recycled bags
  • Small range, fewer colors for less production = less energy, water, chemicals
  • Only six sizes to cover bands 26 to 52
  • Lasts 10x longer than most bras
  • Less washing, less replacing
Prairie Wear Sustainable bras for women
Bra designed with surgeons, technical and aesthetic underwear designers, breast scientists, recovery experts and patients.

Powered by Science

  • Designed with surgeons, technical and aesthetic underwear designers, breast
    scientists, recovery experts and patients.
  • Fully OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified as skin-safe
  • Antibacterial, moisture-wicking dual-layered technology to enable 24/7 wear
  • Operating Room ready & pocketed
  • Class 1 Medical Compression Garment eligible for coverage by most insurance as a pocketed bra (HPCS: L8000) and Lymphedema (upcoming).

Our Easy Wear & Easy Care Promise

We believe you shouldn't have to spend so much time thinking about your bra.

Here's our promise to you:

Easy Wear

Super Simple Sizing

One quick glance at our size chart, and you'll discover that one measurement is all you need

Effortless to put on and take off

Even with limited mobility, most women won't need help (a win for independence and modesty)

Comfortable fit

We took away the seams and underwires, the tight straps and shoulder pain, rigidity and restrictions, and delivered.... ahhhhh.

Easy Care

Machine wash and dry

You won't even need the delicate cycle (we've even tested ours by washing with mop heads and dog beds)

Strong, safe & durable fabrics

There's no need to "handle with care" or replace every few months.


We've worn our bras for days, sleeping in them overnight, heading to the gym, and hiking outdoors.

They stay fresh..AND..keep their shape :)

Your Support Team

And we mean that in every way!

Holli Leads Your Support Team

Holli Markwald, CEO, Owner, leads the team of dedicated, quirky and totally appreciated Prairie Wear professionals - super amazing folks from all over the world with different areas of expertise, a whole lot of personality, and a huge passion for life with the goal of generating positive global impact, one person and one design at a time :)

Holli wears a Hugger every day, is always the first to wear-test new designs, and she’s also the one tossing the bras into the laundry with dog beds and mop heads to be sure they hold up and won’t need to be handled with delicate care!

Others are taking note of Prairie Wear's success too: Holli has been nominated as one of RBC's Women of Influence for three years running. High five!

If you ever have the pleasure of speaking with our Support & Education Teams, then you already know how serious we are about "Communities of Support" and how thankful we are for the opportunity to share our Huggers with you :)

These Professionals Stand Behind Prairie  - And You!

Post-Surgical Bra, Lymphedema Bra, Every Day Bra - Expertly designed by medical and technical professionals.

Surgery, oncology and recovery protocols

Strategically chosen surgeons who are recognized for their innovative surgery techniques and their office/operating room team members have worked with us to ensure that our garments work optimally for surgeons and their patients.

Foundation garment design & manufacture

Technical and aesthetic lingerie and underwear technical designers with extensive experience developing functional innovation for intimates collections.

Comfort and recovery support

We have tapped into the expertise of people who know what it takes to get better, and feel better during recovery - including the patients themselves :)

Bra & breast movement science and research

An adjunct professor and leading expert on breast motion with an academic background in textiles and a PhD in exercise science who, after 30 years in the industry, still loves to educate us about boobs and put our garments to the test.

Technical fabrics & performance construction

Designing, developing and producing garments that encompass fashion and function. Our 007 Design Team is always on the lookout for innovation from techniques (seamless) to materials (antibacterial) and beyond.

Why "Prairie" Wear?

Prairies are strong, resilient & beautiful - like you!

Our hearts are tied to the expansive blue sky and endless green fields of the ever-changing, always strong prairie landscape.

Even when the sky isn't blue and the fields are not green, we carry with us the knowledge the sky will once again be blue and the wildflowers will continue to bravely peek out in the spring after a harsh winter.

Our Prairie Wear circle symbolizes the blue sky, green fields and the horns & wings of Prairie beings on the horizon within the global circle of life.

Pretty wordy, we know, so take a minute to just visualize the powerful prairie spirit - with her blue sky, green fields, animals grazing & birds flying in connection with each other.

We super appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your landscape :)

Oeko Tex Logo - Certified skin safe

Made with love, safety, sustainability & superior materials :)

Our Huggers are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified!

What does that mean to you?

Every component of our Huggers, including our high-performance, antibacterial yarn, is made from materials that are tested and certified as safe for direct skin contact.

Also, just as important to us, the materials themselves were manufactured sustainably and safely.

You may have seen us at these conferences for surgeons, medical professionals, lymphedema specialists, and breast cancer support options. Hugger bras are used as Post-surgical bras, lymphedema bras, everyday bras and also as chemo bras, nursing bras.

You may have seen us here :)

Learn from the experts who've tried our Hugger bras - some articles, blogs, interviews and stories from those who love our Huggers bras as running bras, post-surgical bras, everyday bras, lymphedema bras and more.

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