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Why buy a bra when you can buy a hug?

Our Hugger range is designed to give you choice and flexibility with the support you need and the comfort you want.

All of our Huggers have 360° zoned, wire-free compression to fit and move with your body and they’re certified skin safe too!

Add a patent-pending Extender to your HuggerPRIMA or HuggerVIDA to flex your fit up one size to accommodate for swelling or bandages & 24/7 wearability.

Large-Prima, XL-Prima, 2XL-Prima


HuggerVIDA in Prairie Dawn Pink - Medium compression. Everyday, wire-free bra for comfort and support.Made especially for those want lower compression that still shapes & supports for really comfortable wear; women who prefer to sleep in a bra; those transitioning from a higher compression garment post-surgically; women needing a comfortable go-to bra for the demands of daily life. Daily bra. Sleep bra. Comfy bra. Easy bra sizes. Go to bra.






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Just one measurement, really!

Yes, we mean it :) Just one measurement to find your best Hugger fit :) Simply measure above your chest, under your arms & around your back. That's it, you got it! Ready to choose your Hugger for your unique & amazing self on the Fit Chart :)