According to the Cleveland Clinic, lymphedema is a condition that can develop when there is a disruption in lymphatic drainage or damage that has been created in the lymphatic system. This damage can cause lymph fluid to drain into soft tissues and create painful swelling after surgery.

The Cleveland Clinic lists several different treatments that have been shown to help manage lymphedema symptoms over time. To learn more about practical ways to manage lymphedema, continue reading our blog.

Compression Garments

The Cleveland Clinic states one of the most common treatments for managing lymphedema is compression garments to reduce swelling. The Cleveland Clinic cites that when patients wear compression bras for breast lymphedema, “The compression pushes fluids back into circulation by increasing the rate that the lymphatic fluid is filtered out of soft tissues.”

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

According to Cancer Research UK, manual lymphatic drainage is another possible treatment for with lymphedema. Manual lymphatic drainage is a term used to describe a gentle skin massage performed by a therapist to help manually increase circulation to improve lymphatic drainage. Cancer Research UK states explains that therapists target swollen areas of your chest to safely spread fluids to higher functioning lymph vessels.


One of the most practical ways to manage lymphedema is routine exercise. The Mayo Clinic lists exercise as an effective treatment to manage lymphedema because the movement created by regular exercise encourages lymphatic drainage.

However, the Mayo Clinic also emphasizes it is important that exercises are not too intense or strenuous to overstress the body. Small, concentrated stretches that target muscles in your arms and legs are rather recommended.

To learn more about managing this condition, consult with your healthcare provider to introduce these treatments into your post-surgical recovery.

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