According to Pam Stephan, a breast cancer survivor, compression bras can make a big difference after any breast-related surgery. This is because they provide the support that is needed and are easy to take on and off.

Additionally, they are also extremely comfortable, which is a plus when you are dealing with pain after a surgery. To take a deeper look at the different types of compression bras and their uses, continue reading below.

How They Help

How do compression bras really help? According to the Cleveland Clinic, recovery from several types of breast surgery can be eased using compression bras. Such procedures can be painful and harsh, so having a comfortable bra option is very important.

The Cleveland Clinic also states that it is important not to wear bras that will irritate the wound or stitches. That is why different compression bra designs can aid in recovery following different surgeries and provide the support you need!

Find the Best Fit

There are different designs and fits available depending on the procedure you had done. Of course, there are compression bras that can be worn every day as well.

According to Dr. Doru Paul, where you had surgery or what areas are experiencing swelling will determine what compression bra you need. Some bras have better adjustability options than others.

Dr. Doru confirms that finding a well-fitting compression bra can alleviate swelling, while other options might offer a wider, more comfortable strap. There are numerous options, so take a look at each of them to find one that will give you the most comfortable fit.

Don’t put yourself through unnecessary pain and discomfort. Browse the different types of compression bras and their uses to find the best compression bra for your needs.

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