According to Dr. Doru Paul, associate professor of clinical medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, finding a compression bra that fits you comfortably after surgery is essential to your recovery. Dr. Paul explains that post-surgical bras offer comfort to your chest during recovery and help to reduce post-surgical swelling and fluid backup. When bras are too loose or too tight, they cannot perform these functions effectively. 

To learn more about how to tell if your compression bra fits correctly, continue reading our blog below!

Finding a Fit: Bra Straps and Bra Bands

According to Dr. Patrick Proffer, founding partner of Proffer Surgical Associates, the first step in ensuring that your compression bra fits you correctly is to check the straps and band of your bra. Dr. Proffer states that the straps of your bra shouldn’t dig into your shoulders too tightly, but they should also not fall loosely. Instead, your bra straps should sit comfortably and securely on your shoulder.

Dr. Proffer also states that the band of your bra should feel snug but not ride up on your skin. Our front closure compression bras are designed with OEKO-TEX standard-100 textiles to help support you with 360-degree compressions. This material is highly comfortable and breathable, so you can wear your bra snuggly without added irritation or rubbing on your skin.  

Finding a Fit: Bra Cups and Sizing

Dr. Proffer also states that, while bras need to fit securely on patients, it’s also essential that patients avoid wearing bras too tightly. He says that a typical sign that bras are too tight for patients is that their breasts “spill over” the edges of their post-surgical bras.

Instead, Dr. Proffer advises that patients wear bras that contain their entire breast in the cups or panels of their bras. No excess sections of your chest should fall out of bras or feel pinched in the underarm region. 

Dr. Proffer also advises testing small movements, such as leaning forward, to help assess whether bras can completely cover and compress breasts without hassle. This exercise is a key indicator of whether your compression bra fits securely. 

We hope reviewing the advice of medical experts such as Dr. Proffer and Dr. Paul has helped you determine how to tell if your compression bra fits correctly. Remember to assess the straps, band, fabric materials, and cup size of bras while browsing for your perfect fit.

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