Versatile compression bras with breast & body pockets, and zip-in Extender to size up or down as your body needs it. Medium to High compression in easy to use bras designed to be so comfortable you can wear them 24/7.

Lymphedema Support

Compression that Hugs :)

Our Hugger bras work as a lymphedema compression bra to give you the support and comfort you need with versatile breast and body pockets, and the optional zip-in EXTENDER to size up or down as your body needs it. 

Comfortable, mapped compression in easy-to-use bras that support you where you need it, offer options for flexibility in size and compression levels, and are designed to be so comfortable you can wear them 24/7 for chest and breast lymphedema management. Find your lymphedema compression bra today to assist you on your road to recovery.

What makes your Hugger so awesome as a lymphedema bra?

360° Mapped Compression for seamless compression where you need it most. Compression with circulation :)

Breast / Body Pocket that extends across the whole garment for placing compression padding exactly where you want it while protecting the skin.

The Extender: An additional zip-in Hugger component that allows you to size up and down as your body changes without having to buy a whole extra Hugger. 

24/7 Wire-free, seamless wearability :)

Finally, a compression bra that you can wear 24/7 during key recovery times and keep wearing as your go to every day bra.

Use the versatile breast/body pockets for additional compression padding, prosthetics, ice and an Extender when you need a little bit extra room.

Antibacterial (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified), moisture-wicking seamless knit compression - Your Hugger is a one stop shop compression bra that you can wear a lot and wash it a little :)