The OncoPT, Ep. 90, Your Patients Need This Hug

How many of your patients are wearing the wrong bra? How many of us are actually looking?

Elise Cantu, PT, DPT and the voice behind TheOncoPT Podcast recently interviewed our Holli to discover what makes our Huggers great - especially for lymphedema management. We are super thankful that Elise found us :)  She says “These amazing products are changing the world of post-breast cancer surgery recovery as we know it. No lie, I’m trying to get every single patient into one of these – they’re that good (no, they’re not paying me to say this).”

Something pretty cool that we love - The OncoPT Podcast is a resource that Elise has created as part of her online education for aspiring oncology physical therapists and in this episode she discovers that “the wrong bra can literally make our work as OncoPT's harder. The wrong bra can actually work against our skilled help. FOR REAL.”

Click the link below to listen to the podcast – be warned, it’s pretty long, but it’s a great perspective on OncoPT and how the right bra can make a difference.

Listen to learn more!