Just One Measurement
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Just One Measurement

How can you only need 1 measurement to get the right size?  Recently one of the Prairie Team fitted her mom for a Hugger, this was the conversation: A: Mom, what size bra do you usually wear? M: Um,...

How can you only need 1 measurement to get the right size? 

Recently one of the Prairie Team fitted her mom for a Hugger, this was the conversation:

A: Mom, what size bra do you usually wear?

M: Um, well, it kind of varies. Sometimes a 34C, sometimes a 36B…it depends…

A: Ok, well let me measure you then to be sure…Let me put this tape measure under your arms and I’ll measure your band size.

[Measures under arm band size, concludes Mom is a band size 34, and therefor since she is not a DD+ cup size, she should wear a Medium size Hugger.]

A: Ok mom, you are a 34 and so you need this Medium size Hugger…

M: [Looking doubtful] But you only took one measurement, don’t you need the others too? Usually it takes several numbers to work it out…

A: No, I promise Mom, I really only need that one measurement, it gives the best estimate of your real band size…

M: No, I think you should measure down here where the bottom of the bra fits too…

A: Seriously, mom, I don’t need to. I promise! This is what we do, ok?

M: [Still looking skeptical] Ok, then, let’s see…

Mom then went on to put on a HuggerVIDA, have the straps adjusted and suddenly her face lit up: “Oh, that feels great! It makes such a difference.”

A few weeks later Mom is still wearing her HuggerVIDA “for days when I’m going to be very busy and running around especially…”, and is loving the comfort, the easy wear (“I just pull it on over my head now!”), and the support level.

This little anecdote is cute and makes us smile, but it’s also an experience we have almost every day! So many people who are new to the way we at Prairie measure and size and fit our bras are surprised and disbelieving when we say we REALLY only need one measurement – the circumference of your chest directly under your arms – in order to help you choose your correct Hugger size.

Most women have spent decades being told they need at least 3 measurements and then a complicated calculation to estimate their band and cup size in order to choose a bra. And then each bra brand or style is slightly different, so you basically have to try on a couple of dozen to find something that fits.

With Prairie Wear Huggers there are three key reasons we only need one measurement to help you pick the right size:

#1 Rib Band Measurement - under the arm, above the chest - is super accurate and simple :)  You can check out our fit chart for an illustration and more information via this link: https://www.prairiewear.com/pages/sizing-chart 

#2 Body Friendly Compression - Our bras are made with 360° mapped compression which means that they flex in ALL directions and stretch and support where your body needs it, so we don’t need to have different cup sizes – the Hugger will auto-fit your specific, unique cup size and shape because it’s designed to do that! For our HuggerPRIMA, if you are a DD+ cup we suggest upsizing one size  to ensure comfort. You want compression without restriction for best fit:)

#3 Adjustable Straps - Our bras come with adjustable shoulder straps so that you can adjust the fit for your unique shape.

And that REALLY is it!  One of the things that frustrates many women about buying a  new bra (along with discomfort and how careful you have to be with them) is how complicated and overwhelming the sizing can be – and we worked super hard to ensure that our Huggers are as simple and comfortable and durable as possible.

And THAT is why you really only need one measurement to choose your size, Mom! :)

(Also, A’s Mom - YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! Thanks for all the #huggerLOVE)

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