A great guide from the fabulous AnotherMotherRunner to running after breast surgery. (read about our Hugger as a great option for a running bra..smile)

Running After Breast Augmentation

About a decade ago, a dear running friend had a double mastectomy and subsequent breast-reconstruction surgery. Once the immediate threat of cancer’s implications were safely in the rearview mirror, my friend, a 40-something nurse and mother of three teens, would cheerfully show off her new, perky boobs to any curious girlfriend.

(Interestingly, my friend’s choice was unusual back then. In 2009, only 24% of women undergoing mastectomies had reconstructive surgery. That figure rose to 40% in 2014, according to a statistical brief from Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project.)

Breast reconstruction generally relies on breast implants (saline or silicone) to help form new mounds or tissue from another part of the body to form boobs that appear as “normal” as possible in terms of shape, symmetry, and size.

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