According to the Newport Center Orthopedic Institute, one of the most important things a patient can do after breast surgery is to listen to the advice of their doctor and nurses. The Newport Center Institute explains that most post-surgical patients will receive information from their doctor with helpful reminders and important information necessary to recover safely.

In this blog, we’ll share some of the most important tips for a comfortable recovery after breast surgery with the advice of medical professionals.

Ask for Help

Allision W. Gryphon, a breast cancer survivor, has shared that her breast cancer recovery was a long and exhausting journey. However, Gryphon states that learning to say “no” and lean on her caregivers were some of the most significant factors in her recovery. 

Asking for the help of friends and family also aligns with the advice of the Newport Center Institute since having more support allows patients more time to rest. 

The Newport Center Institute elaborates that sleep gives the body more time to heal from surgical traumas, which is crucial for a smooth recovery. 

Although it may be frustrating to rely on others’ help after surgery, consider asking for support from your doctors, nurses, friends, and family to feel more supported during your recovery.

Wear Clothes That Support Your Recovery

Gryphon also states that organizing her closet with loose-fitting and easily accessible clothing after surgery helped her body recover.

Gryphon emphasizes that apparel with zippers and long sleeves was the most helpful for her recovery because it allowed more room for post-surgical drains and gave her arms a better range of motion. Gryphon also emphasizes that getting fitted for a medical-grade compression garment is essential.

The Cleveland Clinic also encourages compression garments to support your body’s recovery after surgery and prevent lymphedema. In addition, the Cleveland Clinic states that compression garments help relieve swelling by pushing excess fluids back into circulation while preventing lymphatic fluid from collecting and swelling in the breast tissues.

Follow Doctor Recommended Exercises

According to The Newport Center Institute, most doctors will provide arm exercises to practice after surgery. These exercises will help you fight fatigue and improve circulation in your body.

However, the Newport Center Institute clarifies that patients should start slowly with these exercises by going for small 10- to 15-minute walks once the body feels strong enough.

Healing from surgery can be difficult, but we hope these tips from medical professionals to have a comfortable recovery after breast surgery help. Here at Prairie Wear, we care about your post-surgical recovery and provide high-quality compression bras to help make the process as comfortable as possible. To learn more about our bras, check out our website.