A super fun interview we did with Inside Fashion Design about all things Prairie and our Hugger!

Creating Positive Global Impact… through a BRA????

There are products—and then there are products with a purpose. We love products that are created by passionate designers and makers who are driven to make a difference. It’s the “why” behind the brand that truly draws us in here at IFD. We love the stories that bring a product to life.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Holli Markwald, co-founder of Prairie Wear, which creates post-surgical garments for breast cancer survivors. Holli shares their story and describes how the Hugger Bra is making a positive impact on so many women’s lives. When Prairie Wear started out, there was nearly nothing out there in post-surgical binders and bras for women recovering from breast cancer surgery. Prairie Wear’s Hugger Bra was created to fill an important need for women at a vulnerable period of their lives. It has spread to help countless others in need of various kinds of binding and support.

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