According to CRNA Rachel Nall, after breast surgery, your doctor will most likely send you home with a post-surgical bra. However, nurse Nall recommends that patients also have several compression bras prepared at home to wear throughout their recovery. In this article, we'll review the advice of experts to examine the benefits of wearing a compression bra after surgery.

They Reduce Painful Swelling

Dr. Hannan notes that reduced swelling is one of the most significant benefits of wearing a post-surgical bra. They state that compression bras can help decrease swelling and inflammation by controlling and stabilizing blood flow and circulation after surgery. This stabilized blood flow and fluid circulation are vital to keeping inflammation down as your body heals.

They Help Protect Your Chest as It Heals

Dr. Paul Doru states that another benefit of wearing a compression bra after surgery is that you’ll have a layer of protection over your surgical site. Doru explains that compression bras protect surgical sites by preventing scar tissue from shifting or stretching around patients' stitches during recovery. They also emphasize that this layer of protection will help reduce damage around tender scar tissue, which could prevent additional complications and surgeries in the future.

They Make Hygiene More Accessible

According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), it’s best to avoid showering for the first 48 hours after surgery. After two days, the MSKCC states patients should bathe solely from the waist down.

It can be uncomfortable to limit your hygiene after surgery. That's why our post-mastectomy compression bras are produced with antibacterial OEKO-TEX textiles to wick away moisture and prevent comfortable odors from building as you wait to bathe safely. The front zippers of these bras also make them more convenient for accessing areas of your chest that require small hygiene checks, such as post-surgical drains.

With the advice of these medical experts in mind, we hope you have confidence in the benefits of wearing a compression bra after surgery. At Prairie Wear, we craft compression bras to support your chest after surgery and make your recovery more comfortable. To learn more about our products or read some of our customer testimonies, browse our website for more information.