Many times, when an individual is dealing with lymphedema, compression garments, bandaging, and pumps are part of the treatment plan. With this being the case, it might be to one's benefit to understand exactly how compression can help prevent and manage lymphedema, as well as where you can find the most supportive garment options. For a look into these details, continue reading the helpful material we have collected and shared below. This journey doesn’t have to be painful if you have the right support!

What Is Compression and How Does It Help?

When looking at what compression treatment is, the Cancer Research UK was able to share some informative research. They noted that compression treatment helps prevent and treat lymphedema by reducing the swelling that is a direct result of a build-up of lymph fluid. It is this information that helps explain why compression bandaging and garments are such vital parts of the treatment process.

Benefits of Compression Garments

In addition to the details regarding how compression helps reduce swelling, the Cancer Research UK also provided information on how the garments specifically aid and prevent lymphedema in patients. These points include the fact that the garments cover the entire swollen area, that they have no loose or baggy areas that could cause uneven pressure, and that they allow you to move normally while wearing them.

What You Should Know About Our Garments

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It is our sincere hope that this information on how compression can help prevent and manage lymphedema was beneficial. We also hope that, if you are struggling with lymphedema, you let us lend our support on your journey. Take a look at our website today to view our inventory options and reach out with any questions you may have. We want to provide you with the support and relief you are looking for!